IoT development made easy with Intel Edison

Intel Edison, Intel XDK with NodeJs support and excellent documentation on Intel site all this makes IoT development more reachable.

Below are few good links:

SparkFun has excellent support to make add-on boards and sensor package much smaller and stay in line with Edison size…

Using Intel XDK, trying out some of basic IoT project templates is so easy and it is fun working with embedded Linux.

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AngularJS 2.0 (rewrite), ShadowDOM, Web Components, Polymer and more…

Just when you think you mastered AnguarJS and have good hold on Web development, things are changing again.
While current trend might be pick up, bootstrap, AngularJS and you have good website to go with, this might change soon.

NEW AngularJS 2.0 Website
AngularJS 2.0 is complete rewrite
ng-conf 2015
Web Components
Production READY – Polymer

We have to wait and see how WebComponents/ShadowDOM gain wider support

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iOS development made easy with SWIFT2

After working with Microsoft and Linux based software/technologies for long time, it is bit refreshing to try something different.
Using my first Mac, XCode and trying to build a iOS mobile application is fun and too many new things to get used to.

Although it is going to take a while before I can feel better on this, I wanted to share few tips to encourage others to try out:

1. After using Visual Studio IDE for long time, XCODE is not that difficult to get used to [it does take a while]
2. With C#/Java background, if you try to learn SWIFT2 – you will be very comfortable and will pick up easily

There are many useful resources:
SWIFT – Very good start
SWIFT E-book and good samples/tutorials

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VS 2015 with Apache Cordova Tooling support and using OnSen UI – Cross mobile app development

It was bit difficult for me to get a working version of Apache Cordova before.

With Visual Studio 2015 Apache Cordova Toolkit and IDE support, things are lot easier.
In addition to this, if you use OnSen UI things are super simple.

NOTE: Best part of OnSen UI is it comes with Angular JS based standard mobile templates [You will love this and you don't need bootstrap]

First bit background on importance of cross-mobile app development and what are options:

  1. It is not practical to have every mobile app we develop to have native mobile implementation for each mobile OS out there
  2. It will be really cool to have “Write Once and Run it everywhere” type concept for Mobile
  3. There are two options I know: 1. Using Apache Cordova, 2. Using Xamarin
  4. Apache Cordova is FREE and if you are web developer with reasonable JavaScript/HTML/CSS and AngularJS experience it is great
  5. If you have existing website, converting it to Mobile website is easy and converting to Apache Cordova Mobile App is bit more work
  6. For applications that need quick mobile presence with decent presentation and access to mobile infrastructure: Camera, location and other features – this is good start

Useful links:
Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova
Very good start
Create your first app
OnSen UI

NOTE: OnSen UI has very good documentation but it may not mention about Visual Studio Extensions [Please search in Visual Studio for extensions online with "OnSen" keyword]
- Once you install these visual studio extension for OnSen – you will see all OnSen templates in Visual Studio.

REMEMBER: Visual Studio CODE is FREE and same Cordova project can be opened in Mac OR Windows. MSDN has very good article on this.
You don’t need Monoca IDE to use OnSen UI.

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Intel RealSense Camera – Very useful code samples and good start – Thinking outside software

It is not easy to find software developers who also have good hardware background.
While it certainly helps to have electronics background, there are still many areas developers can take advantage of.

Intel Real Sense Camera is really good and comes with very useful SDK/Samples.

Sometimes installing and using it might be a pain for few people.. below are tips

  1. First make sure your computer has USB 3.0 (Check in Device Manager). Adding USB 3.0 through external Hub might not work, but you can try
  2. Second, make sure to follow ALL STEPS as per document
  3. Remember: Browser through whole page and please do all steps including OPTIONAL and make sure to order at least Front Facing camera [it is best to get both]

Below is code sample with complete documentation on Face detection from Intel website

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Developers helping Developers – Tech Trends View

Catching up with technology is overwhelming lot of times.. mainly if we keep hearing too many new terms/tools/technologies every day.

You will hear something over some discussions and you might feel like you are from different world if you don’t know what it is.
While it is not an easy task to keep your daily job and keep up to date with all that is going out there.
Also there are boundaries to what all that you want to clutter your brain with.

So to cut out right balance, friends at my work and me created a nice website that allows easy browsing of different Technical terms and tools

Website is hosted in Cloud and uses Windows Azure DocumentDB. Give it a try!
NOTE: Initial load is slow on this website due to current free website configuration we setup on Windows Azure.
Website uses AngularJS – once page is loaded, you will not see any performance issues browsing, searching through terms

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Interesting topics and useful links on: Network programming, TCP/IP, Boost, C++, Linux, Android


TCP/IP Socket FAQ (Good stuff)
Market Data Network Architecture (MDNA)
Interesting read on push options

Web/HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and usual stuff

Easy to catch up with Twitter Bootstrap
Now get Bootstrap and try…

Education / Online training

Best online Leaning/education (FREE)


With Windows 8.x take advantage of Hyper-V and Ubuntu (FREE)
CygWin (Linux on Windows)
MinGW – Min GNU on Windows

Android and like..

Android Developer Resource- One stop shop (FREE)


Eclipse C++/CDT
Very good website for C++ (and more)
Boost for C++ (Write Server with 3 lines of code) natural extension to STL.. kind of
More on Boost C++ – very good examples

Windows Programming… know it all?

Writing better Windows Service

Quant trading resources

Very good resource on Quant trading

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Microsoft //build/ 2013 – Useful videos

Useful stuff

Key Note2
Web API2
Scaling real-time web with SignalR


VS 2013 Deep dive for Web developers
What’s new in VS 2013
What’s new in VS 2013/ASP.NET


All Videos

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WMI and Dynamic LINQ for better productivity and system monitoring

WMI C# Code creator [Excellent WMI tool both for learning and using in real products]:
Dynamic LINQ queries: Very useful to build rules engine in time and for many other scenarios:

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Taking Screenshot from Silverlight 5 [should work for SL4 too]

STEP 1: First get EditableBitmap and PNGEncoder files from Joe Stegman’s blog:

PNG Encoder source

STEP 2: Now add button to your SL page and add below code to button handler

  1. WriteableBitmap bitmap = new WriteableBitmap(LayoutRoot, new TranslateTransform());
  2. EditableImage imageData = new EditableImage(bitmap.PixelWidth, bitmap.PixelHeight);
  3. Copy bitmap.Pixels to imageData using imageData.SetPixel method
  4. Get Stream from SaveDialog and write imageData

Alternate options available in SL5 only

If you are working on SL5 intranet apps, you can use PInvoke and copy the BMP to clipboard

Many more possibilities?

You can write service method that takes the byte array and may be email image to uesrs OR support -in case user wants to report issue?

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